Veneto FTX 2023

The Veneto - Trentino - Alto Adige Delegation and UNUCI Trento Section organize the 35th edition of the competition for military patrols "Veneto – FTX 2023" – from 23 to 24 September 2023 and will have, as the fulcrum of the activities, the territory of the Po Delta of Porto Tolle and nearby towns.

The event, included in the calendar of Annual Training Activities recognized by the Ministry of Defense, this year provides for the participation of patrols composed of 4 elements including officers and soldiers in service and on leave of the Italian Armed Forces, Of the Weapon Associations, of NATO and of friendly countries.

Main characteristics of the competition

The patrols

Composed of four elements, the patrols will move along itineraries and in accordance with the instructions received.

   Orientation in real tactical setting

The training-evaluation activity will take place in the classic environment of the Po Delta, flat, between land and water, where the important thing will be camouflage and tactical attitude.

 Shooting tests

The tactical context of the exercise may include also simulated shooting tests to be carried out in some sites along the route 


 Technical tests

The patrols must perform the military exercises that make up the exercise plan. The necessary information and any equipment not provided for in the regulation will be delivered to the participants for the exercises.