L’Unione Nazionale Ufficiali in Congedo d’Italia (Italian national association of ex-officers)

The UNUCI, established as a public body in 1926 and became a private law association under the supervision of the Ministry of Defense with Presidential Decree 50/2013, brings together officers on leave and / or the reserve belonging to the Armed Forces, the Armed Corps of the State and auxiliary bodies of the Armed Forces.
Inspired by military traditions, the patriotic, civic and solidarity character, it contributes to the moral formation and professional updating of the staff on leave and to the relevant information and dissemination activities.

Collaborate with the military authorities in training and sports preparation of said personnel; maintains contacts and carries out activities with the similar Confederations of the Reserve Officers of the Allied Countries; spreads the values ​​of defense and security of the homeland and of loyalty to democratic institutions; it sensitises public opinion on security and defense issues, on the role of the Armed Forces and on the importance of reservists, on the culture of environmental and social sustainability, on defense interventions and civil protection; realizes, in the context of its availability, moral and material assistance towards the members.

It organizes training activities for its members and also for the Completion and Selected Forces on the basis of a specific agreement with the Army General Staff.
It promotes cultural and social initiatives, humanitarian assistance and provides its contribution in defense and civil protection interventions

The role of "bridge" of UNUCI between the Civil Society and the Armed Forces is therefore natural, favoring mutual knowledge and esteem.

The organizational structure is divided into National Presidency, Regional Delegations, Sections.

The Veneto - Trentino - Alto Adige Delegation, based in Verona, is composed of the sections of Adria, Belluno, Bolzano, Conegliano - Vittorio Veneto, Legnago, Merano, Mestre, Padua, Rovigo, Schio - Alto Vicentino, Trento, Treviso, Venice , Verona, Vicenza - Bassano del Grappa.